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Believe it or not, your body is actually designed to feel good - not exhausted, stressed and in pain.

I am not someone who was born flexible or strong, or someone that enjoyed working out. I started yoga because I had to. I was dealing with pain in my body in my early 20s, adrenal exhaustion, anxiety and depression and I had to choose between letting that be my life or making a change. And here we are!

I believe in an integrated approach to healing - Healing is not linear, no two bodies are alike and thus there is no single method that works for everyone. While I have thousands of hours of training and practice in yoga, Pilates, meditation, reiki, and bodywork on the books, the most important teachings I have to offer comes from what I have learned through my own healing journey.

My clients range from professional athletes to those recovering from injury and the stresses from daily life. Whether you’d like to find ways to challenge yourself physically, are seeking freedom from pain, experiencing energetic burnout or are interested in unlocking your own creative and intuitive power, together we can craft a well-rounded and effective program that works for you.


Whether you are brand new to yoga or an advanced student, private yoga classes are a great way to improve your physical health, mental health and overall well-being.

As someone who “wasn’t a yoga person” (or really even an excerise person) Alex’s favorite student is the one who doesn’t think they are made for yoga. You can expect to laugh, challenge yourself and have support right there with you every step of the way.

Alex offers both custom group and individual classes for students of all levels. Each class is customized to fit you &/or your group’s personal goals and ability.

Classes can be held in person or via Skype.



Private Pilates sessions are great for anyone recovering from an injury or surgery, athletes looking for increased performance or anyone interested in feeling GOOD, strong and centered in their body.

Private sessions with Alex are held in the comfort of your own home, or on equipment at one of the studios she partners with throughout the Los Angeles area.

Custom group and individual classes for students of all levels. Each class is customized to fit you &/or your group’s personal goals and ability.



As part of an integrative approach to physical and mental wellbeing, Alex offers in-home bodywork sessions and is currently serving the Los Angeles area.

While she is trained in Shiatsu, deep tissue massage, thai massage and energy work to work - the most powerful tool she has is her intuition. She will use a combination of all four types of healing styles to work the deep layers of connective tissue, to help free stored emotional and physical trauma, and help the body to realign; allowing clients to move with greater ease over time.

Whether you’re seeking physical relief from injury or stress, increase performance or are seeking deep alignment with yourself, bodywork relieves tension, increases energy and is an important part of maintaining your physical, emotional and mental health.



What if, instead of reacting immediately to an intense situation, the whole world knew how to take a breath? What would the world be like? How good would it feel to be in your body if you just knew how to breathe?

Breathwork comes in many different styles, and can be used to either calm the mind or to increase motivation and move energy throughout the body. As we practice these tools together, it will become second nature to go to the breath first.

Sessions available in person or via Skype.



Most people think that Mediation is the absence of thought, but that’s not true! Meditation is simply noticing your thoughts. We move so quickly in this world, we don’t have enough time to process what we have experienced and what we are feeling. By taking the time to sit with yourself it becomes easy to tune into what you truly need and desire.

There are many different styles of meditation to experiment with to bring you back into your body, it is a powerful tool that can help with anxiety and working through feelings of depression.

Sessions available in person or via Skype.


Corporate wellness

Having worked as a political staffer in California’s State Capitol for over five years, Alex is no stranger to the intense amount of stress that accompanies any fast-paced working environment. Utilizing her own personal experience in the professional world combined with yoga and Pilates training, she has developed Corporate Yoga classes designed to not only help alleviate stress in the workplace, but create valuable connections among colleagues.

Your Corporate Yoga sessions can take place on site or offsite at a different location. Class curriculum will be customized to fit your company and employee’s unique needs & timeline.


special Events

Yoga doesn’t have to be serious! Book Alex for one of her signature “Vino-yasa” (wine + yoga) classes for your next bachelorette, birthday party, girls weekend, or work retreat. Each class is designed with a unique curriculum that allows participants to actually hold their cup while doing yoga – Complete with moments to sip, cheers each other & laugh!

Custom packages are available with the option of adding Essential Oil Workshops, Pilates, Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and/or bodywork to make your event absolutely memorable.



While there are different names for the types of services I offer, healing sessions often evolve into a combination of different types of styles and techniques. Just as no two bodies are alike, and no two days are alike. You may plan for an intense Pilates class, and when the time comes around for your session your are feeling exhausted and burnt out. As such, it is important to me that I provide guidance based off of your body and energy for the day.


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