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Let’s Take your teaching to the next level

Utilizing her skills and experience as a successful, self employed teacher and teacher trainer, join Alex in a unique, valuable one on one training where you can learn to step into your full potential. Clients can look forward to working personally with Alex in order to learn how to take ownership over the structure and success of their business and lifestyle. Together we will learn how to authentically brand yourself, teach effectively, create boundaries that liberate your life and your business, and most importantly attract, keep and empower the clients that allow you to live the kind of life that you deserve.

Whether you are fresh out of teacher training and you would like direction on your next move, or you’re a seasoned teacher looking to reignite the fire and expand the quality and quantity of your clientele, let’s unlock your unlimited potential.


Custom packages can include:

Anatomy & the art of effective cues

Honing in on your voice

How to find and KEEP quality clients that you enjoy working with

Drawing energetic boundaries with clients (or others in your life) and the power of protecting your own energy

Clearing unwanted energy and avoiding burnout

Guidance with specific clients to ensure that BOTH of you thrive and see results

Empowering yourself with effective pricing and money management

Retreat and workshop production


Social media and website design

Identifying & rectifying the places where you are getting in your own way

Effective self care rituals catered to your specific needs

Actual client referrals from Alex’s network when available


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